Opening Set for Republic (23rd September, 2011)

Vapors - Les Sentiers Conflictuels & Andrew King
Victoria - Wojciech Kilar
Magia Nera - Dark Side Cowboys
Montagues and Capulets - Prokofiev
Deadnoise - Heresiarch
A Kite of Glass in a Blood Red Sky - Militia
Sí an Bhrú - Laufeyiar Sonr
Feltamadas - Schlafwagen
Pandemonium - Hocico
The Big Lie - Attrition
Under the Moon - Matt Howden & Tony Wakeford
Blut und Erde - Atomtrakt
The Winter Sadness - 6comm
Medusa - While Angels Watch
The Blade Unmasked - Rome
Tale of Woe - The Retrosic


Opening set for Tanz Macabre (7/8/2011):

Dies Irae/Tuba Miriam (Requiem) - Verdi
Fragment V - Library Tapes
Sic Mea Fata Canedo Solor - Andrew King
Rex Infractus - Jo Quail
He Walks in Winter - Orchis
Into the Woods - Tony Wakeford
Missolonghi Sky - Sieben
June 1909: Syria - :Golgatha:
The City in the Sea - Love is Colder than Death
Braids and a Necklace - Bleeding Heart Narrative
Otkrovenie - Irfan
Serpent Dance - Arcana
The Fall of Constantinople - V7
Aoide - Seventh Harmonic
The Last Train - Orchestra Noir
A Drinking Song - Stoa
Di (Displaced) - In The Nursery
Dunkelheit - Allerseelen
Name Der Rose - Qntal
They Came Over the Hill - A Challenge of Honour

Tanz Macabre

Opening set for Republic (22/7/11)...

Now that LJ is finally working again, a belated set-list:

Façades - Philip Glass
Have You News of My Boy Jack? - Andrew King
Voodoo - Wench
Will to War - 6comm
Let Us Meet in the Trenches - TriORE
Man of Fire (Black Sun) - :Golgatha:
Like Lovers - Rome
Looking for Europe (7" version) - Sol Invictus
Aluminados - Rukkanor
The Silence of Memories - Code Voire
Heimat (Black Forest version) - snowW:Wwhite
To the Bitter End - Cold Fusion
TerrorVizja - Job Karma
God is Right - OWLS
Past Glory - In the Nursery


Vagabonds Set-List...

Set 1:
Crowning Glory - Will
Calling - 6comm
Deadline - Skinny Puppy
The Order of Death - Public Image Ltd
The Mercy Machine - Attrition
Silent Order - Die Form
Journey Ahead - Haujobb

Set 2:
God Wrote - Project Pitchfork
Opening the Gates of Hell - :Wumpscut:
Exit - The Retrosic
Adrenaline Rush - Leæther Strip
Blunt Force Trauma - Aslan Faction
Metal Machine Music - Die Krupps
Kindgott - Das Ich

Set 3:
Silence - Delirium
Call the Ships to Port - Covenant
Nemesis - VNV Nation
Hurt (club version) - [:SITD:]
EVOlution - Decoded Feedback
Better Off Dead (FM remix) - Suicide Commando
War on the Dancefloor - Nachtmahr
Alive - Rotersand

Tanz Macabre...

Opening set for Tanz Macabre:

IV (And Should the Spring Come...) - Ghosts of Breslau
Who by Fire? - Leonard Cohen
Company for Strings (I) - Philip Glass
Song - Max Richter
Sakrileg - Stoa
Gathering of the Storm - Arcana
Music Number Two (Reprise) - Tuxedo Moon
Flieg Mit Uns - Laharis
Lamandier - :Wumpscut:
The Miscarriage of Paradise Regained - Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio
The Solitary Volcano - Die Weisse Rose
Three Crowns - The Triple Tree
The Sun - Sieben
The Hare/Jennet - Orchis
The Reaper and the Flowers - Vas
Brief as a Flower - Matt Howden/Tony Wakeford
Birds - Love is Colder Than Death
Kalashnikov is my Friend - 6comm
The Messiah - :Golgatha:, Dawn & Dusk Entwined
Goya's Nightmare - Jocelyn Pook
Laudamus Te - Opera Multi Steel
Blue Religion - In The Nursery
Elysium (Instrumental) - The Retrosic
Aglon - Rosa Crvx
Stella Splendens - Qntal
Fortuna - Corvus Corax